Lecja Projects was established by Marcel Du Toit as a sole Proprietor in 1996. His main objective was to specialize mainly in electrical service orientation striving to offer quality workmanship where skilled artisans are hard to come by.

In the course of 1997, due to research indicating a need for specialized air-conditioning services Lecja Projects expanded and was registered as a closed corporation. Over the past seventeen years Lecja Projects has grown from strength to strength and has expanded considerably in the air-conditioning industry.

Lecja Projects has migrated from mainly repairs and maintenance to securing installation and service contracts with some leading companies in South Africa. Our involvement in the principals of each project from inception to completion with our objective being to achieve the most cost effective work delivered, with the best quality for our clients.

Our team of project managers are all qualified in the ISO 9001:2000. We run with the most effective health and safety requirements, which benefits our clients as well as our employees.  Lecja Projects main member Marcel Du Toit, with his team of employees has over 75 years of experience in the specified industry.


Aims and Objectives

The decline in the Quality of service in contrast to increasing prices is a shocking reality. It is therefore our aim to restore that balance by providing a service of the highest quality at the best possible price.



All work undertaken is guaranteed and complies with ISO 9001:2000 regulations. We are registered with the ECA, ECB and WCA.

Owner Marcel Du Toit, is a qualified master installation electrician.

All staff are fully trained in their respective positions and quality of work is highly supervised by their respective project manager. 


BEE Status

Seta rated fully BEE compliant